What Covid-19 brought of positive?

So today I woke up and I was thinking to myself how I’ve been feeling amazing these last few days… And that’s just wonderful because I really haven’t feel anywhere near amazing for a long time… and then I thought: “but why?” Why do I feel so great? What has changed?”
Well… Nothing and everything!
To begin with, what changed was my state of mind first of all of course but my state of mind also changed because I opened my eyes and started to really look at the world around me and realize that I had so many things to be grateful for: I have a house, warm meals, clean water to drink, water to take a shower…. I know that for most of us this is the normal stuff and we take this all for granted but there’s a little thing I like to do sometimes when I can I take my car and go for a ride and just drive and observe all around me and sadly, more often than not, I noticed the homeless people or even if I don’t see the people I see their stuff their cardboard beds, their grocery bags luggage… And this always makes me wonder how much of yourself (with all that you are, with material and physical stuff and non-material stuff all included) can you put in in these bags how much of your dreams and hopes and fears can you lay to rest in your pillow bed sheets and mattress how much do you think these people can put into their cardboard mattresses? It hurts me to the core, but it also makes aware of the many blessings u have in life!
And after surviving a breast tumor I think almost everything is to be thankful and grateful for!
So today, I say: Covid-19 made aware of my surroundings and helped me appreciate things I took for granted….
And you? What has this virus brought of positive to your life?20200515_220953

The art of giving thanks

Sometimes we pray, ask, pray but forget to thank. We focus only on the need. In need of money, affection, self-love, courage to live. We limit our chances of success. We sabotage and fear our success. And what is success? It depends. For some, success is having a lot of money, goods and values. For others, it is having peace, being in harmony. For others, it’s just getting out of bed.

Each of us has our own path and obstacles (and victories, because there is no path without victories, however small they may be).
We know nothing – or know very little – about the pains of the pilgrimage of others. Sometimes we can’t even identify our own very well! … (How, then, can we pretend to judge someone else’s evolutionary process?)
For today, my suggestion is just to focus on what you have. It can be a lot, it can be a little, whatever. Focus on that and be thankful for that. Forget what the neighbor has, what the cousin who lives abroad has, what society says you should have. Forget all that. Close your eyes and focus on what is positive in your life, something that makes you smile, something that gives you well-being. Give Thanks. When we give thanks we focus on the good, on the positive and when we open our eyes to what is positive in our lives, we end up attracting more of the same.
And this is it, dear ones, “Today I am grateful”. 🙏s.

Let’s begin


First, hello and welcome to my new website. In it I will report some day-to-day experiences, talk about my work and leave some spiritual tips. Don’t worry, I won’t nag you much about my spiritual journey.

I want to make it clear that everything, absolutely everything, that you find here is true for me, may not be for you and so I ask you to look at this with an open mind and question. If, by any chance, it makes sense to you, keep my words. If not, reject it.

The path is made by walking

I am not, nor do I pretend to be, any kind of guru. I believe that we all are – or should be – the guru of our life, because it is within us that all the answers to our individual journey are found.

Thank you to all. Until next time, Karenbernalvasquez